Introduction to Studio Location at Day 1 Of Renovation —-212 Magnolia Hubbard Tx

Renovation of Studio Space. We have come a long way, will show the updates as we go. Laugh at Craig because he DID NOT want to do this but we made him go do it all by himself. The video isn’t great (iPhone) but we will start using the DSLR’s next time. So take a look at the studio…..and where we started. It has been a massive project but we are having a blast. Updates Coming Soon!!


4K Photography Limited Edition Mini Sessions Schedule Only $25 Session Fee’s

4K Vintage Vanity


With the opening of our 1600 Sq Ft Studio, we have put together the Limited Edition Mini Session Schedule through May 2014.  These dates are set and are now available for booking.  Call 903.390.6008 today or email 4k@4k-photography to book or to receive more information.

Session Fee’s are only $25 per session and throughout the year we will cover all your needs from Seniors to Easter to Families to newborns.  Each LE mini session will be an all new set.  For example, here is an image from an Easter Briar Patch Mini Session:


Vintage Sets Are Very Popular For Us:

4K LimitedEdition-29      4K LimitedEdition-30

Or Some Outdoor Family Field Day Fun Mini Sessions:

4K LimitedEdition-15

The list goes on and on.  We offer 2 Limited Edition Mini-Sessions per month with different well-timed themes for all your photography needs.  But they are LIMITED EDITION Mini Sessions……So if you snooze you lose.  Contact us today for more info and to book your $25 Limited Edition Mini Session.  Here is a list of the LE Sessions through May 2014:

January 4-     Glamour Valentines Day Sessions  2 Sets       $25   1 Hour Session             Only 8 Spots Remaining

January 18-    Children’s Couture Vintage Sessions 2 Sets   $25   15 Minute Sessions      Only Booking 20 Spots

February 8-    Babies Babies Babies           3 Sets                 $25   1 Hour Session             Only Booking 8 Spots

February 22-  Seniors Fashion Shoot         3 Sets                 $25   30 Minute Session        Only Booking 14 Spots

March 8-         Easter Session With Bunnies  2 Sets              $25   15 Minute Session        Only Booking 24 Spots

April 5-           Prom Dress Fashion Shoot    3 Sets                $25   15 Minute Session       Only Booking 24 Spots

April 26-         Field Day Outdoor Family Sessions  2 Sets     $25   30 Minute Sessions     Only Booking 14 Spots

May 10-          Field Day Outdoor Children Sessions 2 Sets   $25   15 Minute Sessions    Only Booking 20 Spots

……More To Be Announced As We Come up With New Backgrounds/Settings

These sessions are limited to number of sessions listed to ensure proper time and preparation of each client is not rushed and our personal service guarantee can be given 100%.  $25 Session Fee’s are due upon booking and there is a $150 minimum purchase limit for all bookings.  4K Photography’s huge selection of canvas, pearl or metallic prints are reduced by 5o% for LE mini sessions and this is the only time we reduce our vast selection of product pricing.  So you receive a session for only $25 and your product pricing goes twice as far with half off our normal pricing.  Don’t miss out.  Book your LE Mini Session Today.  Studio is located at 212 N. Magnolia in Hubbard Tx. 76648.  Sessions begin at 9:00.  You choose your appointment time.

Click Here to request a time slot.

Or Call Studio at 903.390.6008


Fall is on the way and there are a lot of exciting happenings going on with our family and business. One of our projects the whole family is working on is the opening of our new studio. Almost every client that contacts us is asking if we have a studio. So after many hours and days of putting the numbers together, the hunt for the perfect location/property and negotiations on a long term contract with the property owner, we have signed the lease.   During the planning stages, we had a lot to consider with the three top concerns being location….location….location.   Then we had to find the right fit for out brand….a location and property that worked for what we do.  As much as we wanted to just drive right down the road to our studio, we felt it was  too restricting when we looked at it from a business standpoint.  So we have decided to open the studio in a location that will be accessible to over 7 million people within an hour and a half and more importantly over 750,000 people within an hour of the studio.  Being within a short drive to a vast potential client base will ensure success and allow us to continue our pricing at a non-big city pricing structure and provide the most bang for the buck.

So where is the studio?  It is within 35 minutes of Fairfield (our home), remain 30 minutes from Corsicana and Mexia, get us within 30 minutes of Waco and surrounding communities, but allow us to move within that critical 1 hour drive from the DFW area which is a huge marketing potential.  The rural population surrounding the studio (within 1 hour) is huge and of course our primary target market as we just love being country with a big city fashion flair style twist.   It was also important for us to find a location that fits our brand.  From old style portraiture to modern fashion, 4K photography shoots a wide range of styles.  The venue needs to portray everything we shoot so it needed to be a large space with the right atmosphere.  Comfortable…..Elegant….Trendy…..Shabby Chic….YES, IT HAS IT ALL.   The town is small and historic.  Made up of gorgeous Victorian homes, Hubbard is the perfect styled town in a unique geographical location for a studio for someone not wanting to move into the huge market of DFW area but still provide an amazing service to the surrounding areas including Waco, Hillsboro, Hewitt, Mexia, Fairfield, Teague, Corsicana, Ennis, and as far as Dallas and Ft. Worth.  Other than our amazing town of Fairfield, this location is perfect for a studio and moves us into an amazing opportunity of potential clients.  Studies show that clients will drive an hour and a half to receive an portrait experience and two hours for wedding brides for glamour and bridals.  We are now within that distance and look forward to the security and opportunity to serve our community as well as the new opportunities of the 7 million possibilities within an hour and a half.   On a side note, I can not believe our luck in the owner of the property.  Colette is very active in Hubbard bringing the history back to the area and has been amazing.  She has restored a hotel right in the heart of Hubbard and basically allowed us to set the parameters of the lease to fit our needs.  She is excited about having a studio in town and feels we are the perfect fit to help support the small town and its Victorian style.  A special thank you goes out to her.

So more about the studio.  We are just beginning renovations of the property and decorating and installing the necessary studio equipment.   It will be a while before completed but we are working night and day to get it just right but will start off at 1500 sq. ft. and end up expanded to 2000 sq. ft.  When completed, it will be perfect and will include the following:

  • A homey entrance fitting for the area that will include a consultation area and viewing area
  • Wall Art Gallery from previous sessions displaying all the products offered by 4K Photography
  • Senior and Bridal studio from traditional to fashion backgrounds
  • Glamour and Boudoir studio for bridal glamour and to celebrate you!
  • Outdoor shooting areas for senior and fashion sessions
  • Trendy Shabby Chic decor
  • High Definition proof viewing format mixed with a vintage setting which matches our styles…from vintage/traditional to modern/fashion
  • Complimentary Coffee and refreshment bar for all the comforts of home and pampering you deserve
  • Fireplace and mantel setting for holiday and cozy sessions
  • an all new pricing strategy different than all other photographers for seniors, brides, glamour and boudoir.
  • much much more.

So when will it be ready?   We are shooting for mid November…..just in time for the holiday season but it is up to the contractors doing some renovations and the delivery of equipment…test shoots and computer system installations.  You can’t rush greatness, but we are doing our best.  Within the week we will be revealing the new pricing strategy that will blow your mind (:    It will include lower product pricing, longer session times, more options for sessions, indoor and outdoor packages, and much more.  So if you want to hear more and receive a discount voucher for your first session, just fill out the form below.  We will also be announcing an open house where we will show off the studio and choose a lucky winner to have a free mini session and products valued at over $500 during the open house.  It is your opportunity to be a model for a day, win free prints and canvas gallery wraps and more.  So fill out the form below to receive more information and a no obligation discount voucher.



4K Newsletter Coming Soon

As 4K continues to evolve, we will be coming out with issue number 1 of our Newsletter. Everyone that signs up to receive the publication will receive a $25 coupon to use on your next session with us. Also, the newsletter will include wedding hints, timelines, etc that will be a huge help to those brides-to-be. As the newsletter evolves into a full publication, more and more information will be available within it including guest bogs/articles, PDF downloads for family, glamour, boudoir and wedding sessions including bridals.

So sign up today by going to 4K Photography Website and just add your name and email.

Remember, you will receive a $25 coupon just for signing up. Thank you for supporting us as we strive to provide the best service to you possible. We are constantly working on providing new items and services to you, and always appreciate your input.

Thank You,

Craig & Tammy@4K

These images are awesome. Take a look at some of the most creatively timed pictures I’ve ever seen!!

4K Weddings New EASY Pricing……We Are Listening To Our Brides!!

4K Photography Listens To Their Clients.  We have just designed the latest and greatest package for wedding couples.  You control the price and features but you will also receive the following:<br>
2 Photographers to document the wedding day.  One is female and will start out with the bride and her girls to capture the intimate details of your wedding day.  The other is male and will be with the guys while they get ready and will capture the moments that matter most.   Then the two photographers will meet up at ceremony to capture the venue, decorations, guests and event as it unfolds.  We pride ourselves in a photojournalistic style that captures the moments as they happen.  We love what we do so you have a complete record of your amazing day.  <br>
You will also receive your entire collection of retouched images loaded in full resolution to a PASS.  What is great about your PASS Gallery?  Well, starting off with security.  Your images are backed up in the clouds safe from mother nature, damaged media discs or flash drives, and failure for up to 10 years!  Feel confident that if anything goes wrong with your downloaded images, you have the original copies available for download instantly.  What happens after 10 years?  You will receive the option to subscribe for another 10 years for only $29.  So how great is that?  <br>
Along with the PASS Gallery security, you instantly have the ability to Share your images on facebook or email with just a click of a button.  It is time to brag about your wedding day so start bragging instantly.  Download the full resolution files to your own media (CD/Flash Drive/Etc) so you have a handy copy of the images.  But remember if you lose them, or if the CD is damaged, the images are safely backed up in the clouds, just download them again!  If that isn’t great enough, get this……right from PASS, you can print your images up to 8×12 through WHCC, a premier print lab the professionals use.  4×6 Prints are only $1.  5×7 Prints are only $2 and 8×12 Prints are only $4.  Try to get that deal from another professional photographer!  Unfortunately, PASS only allows prints up to 8×12, any other enlargements will have to be ordered through us.  But don’t worry, we offer a full line of Canvas Gallery Wraps along with metal prints, standouts and all other top quality printing options.  And the best thing is, as a 4K wedding client, we only charge our FFF (family or friends of family) pricing.  We charge you what we charge our family.  <br>
So you get two photographers and the Greatness of PASS Gallery and security included in your wedding package.  The rest of the options are up to you.  Click the image below to read more about our BRAND NEW EASY PRICING STRUCTURE!   <br>

CLICK The Picture Above Or Here To Go To Our Website


Miss Teen & Miss Freestone County Pageant 2013

Click here to see images of the pageant. It was such a great night.

2013 Freestone County Pageant