4K Weddings New EASY Pricing……We Are Listening To Our Brides!!

4K Photography Listens To Their Clients.  We have just designed the latest and greatest package for wedding couples.  You control the price and features but you will also receive the following:<br>
2 Photographers to document the wedding day.  One is female and will start out with the bride and her girls to capture the intimate details of your wedding day.  The other is male and will be with the guys while they get ready and will capture the moments that matter most.   Then the two photographers will meet up at ceremony to capture the venue, decorations, guests and event as it unfolds.  We pride ourselves in a photojournalistic style that captures the moments as they happen.  We love what we do so you have a complete record of your amazing day.  <br>
You will also receive your entire collection of retouched images loaded in full resolution to a PASS.  What is great about your PASS Gallery?  Well, starting off with security.  Your images are backed up in the clouds safe from mother nature, damaged media discs or flash drives, and failure for up to 10 years!  Feel confident that if anything goes wrong with your downloaded images, you have the original copies available for download instantly.  What happens after 10 years?  You will receive the option to subscribe for another 10 years for only $29.  So how great is that?  <br>
Along with the PASS Gallery security, you instantly have the ability to Share your images on facebook or email with just a click of a button.  It is time to brag about your wedding day so start bragging instantly.  Download the full resolution files to your own media (CD/Flash Drive/Etc) so you have a handy copy of the images.  But remember if you lose them, or if the CD is damaged, the images are safely backed up in the clouds, just download them again!  If that isn’t great enough, get this……right from PASS, you can print your images up to 8×12 through WHCC, a premier print lab the professionals use.  4×6 Prints are only $1.  5×7 Prints are only $2 and 8×12 Prints are only $4.  Try to get that deal from another professional photographer!  Unfortunately, PASS only allows prints up to 8×12, any other enlargements will have to be ordered through us.  But don’t worry, we offer a full line of Canvas Gallery Wraps along with metal prints, standouts and all other top quality printing options.  And the best thing is, as a 4K wedding client, we only charge our FFF (family or friends of family) pricing.  We charge you what we charge our family.  <br>
So you get two photographers and the Greatness of PASS Gallery and security included in your wedding package.  The rest of the options are up to you.  Click the image below to read more about our BRAND NEW EASY PRICING STRUCTURE!   <br>

CLICK The Picture Above Or Here To Go To Our Website



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