Miss & Miss Teen Freestone County Pageant Tonight

We are proud to announce that 4K Photography is the official photographers of the 2013 Freestone County Pageant.  We invite everyone to come support the ladies competing for Miss and Miss Teen Freestone County Fair Pageant Queens beginning at 7pm in the Fairfield High School Auditorium. 

As the photographers, we will have to backdrop sets to shoot the ladies in their outfits prior to the pageant.  One will be rustic/western and the other will be glamour.  We will also be shooting the junior contestants prior to the pageant.  With two photographers, we are able to pose and shoot each girl on each background in their different outfits.  We will also be covering the pageant with both photographers capturing it as it unfolds. 

We will post some of the highlights of the pageant soon.  We wish each young lady all the luck in this years pageant. 



Want To Look Like You Just Stepped Out Of A Magazine? Book now and pay no session fee!

We will be shooting our new GLAMOUR style this week and will be revealing some of the results this weekend.  The amazing Kira McKinney (High Voltage Makeup and Hair) will be working her magic on 6 of our chosen clients this weekend before each shoot for the ultimate supermodel experience for everyone.  We will be shooting two amazing ladies and their daughters.   There are no words for how excited we are.  After months of preparation, practice and tweaking the art of shooting glamour, we will be revealing it to our area for the first time next weekend.

These aren’t models we are shooting folks, these are two moms and four daughters just like you.  In fact, they are all from Fairfield area and have no idea of the experience they are in for.  The first is a mother of 6 who will be posing by herself and alongside her two daughters that are 13 and 11.  What an amazing keepsake for her as she sees her amazing daughters growing up.  The perfect girls day with the reward of amazing images to keep and display forever.  The second is another amazing mother that will be shooting her own session along with her two daughters who are a senior and junior in high school.  Can you imagine how they will all look back on the experience and portraits and remember this very emotional time in their lives.  With one daughter graduating high school this year and heading off to college, I am sure the emotions are flooding in.  We want to get some amazing images of all three of them for the obvious reasons.  What better time to do a glamour shoot with your two gorgeous daughters than right now.

We are super excited to be Featuring these two mothers with their daughters as our first Full Glamour Clients and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to share in these special times.

For a limited time we will be allowing  your Glamour Session Fee’s to go towards your print/media purchase.  That’s right, book now and your $150 session fee will be go towards your $300 minimum purchase.  So you will end up not paying a session fee as it will be a credit after you shoot.  This will only apply to those that book before May 31st.  

As these two mothers have figured out, if you put off your pictures too long, the girls will be all grown up and gone.  Let 4K capture those memories today with our new glamour style.

Glamour Models Chosen. Thank You For The Huge Response.

We recently announced that we would be offering a new service to our clients.  We will be adding Glamour Sessions to our product lines.  Glamour fits right into our current lineup of Weddings, Seniors and Boudoir.  This will complete our genre’s and include all ages for beauty portraits.  Glamour Sessions will be indoors and outdoors.  Both will have a dedicated look that will be our signature brand for glamour images.

When we announced that we would be shooting glamour, we offered our fans a chance for a session at no cost that we would be featuring in our new glamour portfolio.  This will include location, hair and makeup by Kristina Yates who is amazing with her airbrush makeup and glamor hair.  She has worked in the arts from here to Las Vegas.  She is a licensed cosmetologist.

We announced we would be taking 3 for the fully complimentary glamour sessions.  We have chosen those three out of a list of 79 interested fans.  We covered all of our age groups we wanted to show in our portfolio so if you were not chosen, it was because we had too many entries from a certain age group.  The 16-20 age group had a huge entry level and essentially came down to the passion in the emails we received.  The 20-30 range was very low on entries.  The 31+ was encouraging.  This is the age group we believe will love the sessions more than any of the others and there is a large interest from this group.  We love it.

We will be using our 4K Mod Squad in these sessions also.  These ladies will be covering the 16-18 year old range.  Our 4K Mod Squad are ladies within the high schools that represent us.  They are:

Melissa Lopez (FHS 2013 Senior)

Amy Lansford (FHS 2013 Senior)

Sarah Sloat (2013 FHS Senior)

Kassi Floyd (2013 FHS Senior)

Hannah McCord (2014 Wortham Senior)

All these girls are invited to shoot their glamour sessions and are our pride and joy.  They are near and dear to our hearts.

We will be doing two mother and daughter(s) sessions for the portfolio and we could not be more grateful to have these ladies offer to help.  Jennifer Daniels and her two lovely daughters will be doing a session.  Jennifer is a mother of 6 with two daughters 13 and 11.  This is perfect for our portfolio and we congratulate and thank Jennifer for volunteering.  We also are very happy to have Kelly and Jessica Sloat.  We have been blessed to have Sarah as one of our senior reps and having the opportunity to shoot kelly and Jessica will be amazing.

We are also pleased to announce we will be incorporating Kasi Richardson Erwin’s bridals into the new glamour genre indoors and outdoors both.  Kasi was one of our recent brides and we can’ wait to get her in front of the camera once again in her wedding dress to shoot some amazing images and show her off in our portfolio. Maranda Hannah is another of our gorgeous brides that will be shooting a glamour session.  We just love her and Daniel and look forward to her session because she is the perfect model.  We also look forward to their awesome wedding in October!!

We also look forward to shooting Kelli Childress and Elizabeth Hartley

Both Kelli and Elizabeth showed great interest in a glamour session and we can not wait to make this happen for them.  They will love the results and we know they will be gorgeous and energetic models.

We will be scheduling soon and keeping everyone updated.  We want to thank everyone for their interest and support and we will be booking glamour sessions for the public as soon as we have these portfolio sessions released with the new glamour site!!

If you contacted us to shoot these portfolio sessions and would still love to shoot your session, please contact us and we will send you a 50% off voucher so when you schedule your session, you will save half just because you offered to help.  We wished we could choose everyone, but that’s just not possible.  So contact us today so we can reward each and every one of you for offering to help!!

Thanks again and congrats to everyone listed above!!

Glamour Photography Coming Soon!!

Hey everyone!  We are writing today to let you know about our new genre that we are so excited about.  As you all know we concentrate on seniors, weddings and boudoir.  As we enjoy and specialize in all three, our passion is showing you how gorgeous you really are. Seniors photography is great for making the juniors and seniors in high school look like rockstars. Weddings are perfect for showing you how amazing you looked on your special day and capturing that day forever.  Boudoir is awesome for showing you just how sexy you can be.

Talking to some clients that have called, they let us know that they aren’t spring chickens any more so senior photography doesn’t work for them.  They aren’t getting married so they can’t dress up in a fancy wedding gown.  Boudoir might not be for everyone.

So what do we do for others that want to look amazing and feel like a supermodel?

Introducing Glamour Photography!

Glamour is elegant


Glamour is creative.  Yep, that is trash bags.  $10 Gown


Glamour is flattering and gorgeous


Glamour is anything you can dream up.  There are some amazing glamour photographers that we have always admired (such as the photographers that shot those images above).  We have spent a lot of time and $$$ preparing to shoot your glamour sessions.  Now we are at a point of no return and we are so excited about that.

We put a couple of posts on our facebook page about needing some models for glamour sessions.  Normally we use professional models but we decided to use some people from around us to show that you don’t have to be a a model to look like one and have an amazing fashion glamour session.  You can be 10 years old or you can be 100 and look awesome.  it is all in lighting, posing and loving what your doing.  So here we are, setting up some local “models” for their fashion/glamour photoshoots where they will get a full professional makeover and pose for some amazing images.

I know what your thinking…..grrrrr you said I had to pose.  That is the great thing about working with 4K….we will guide your poses.  We direct you to make you look your very best.  There are certain things you can do that easily make you look slimmer, curvier and elegant.  We will guide you the whole way and you will do wonderful.

So stay tuned for the shoots as we build our portfolio and show you how non-models can look amazing and gorgeous.  If you would like to be a part of our portfolio, hurry and message us on facebook or our website before we decide tomorrow.

We will announce the fans that have been chosen to represent our work and their beauty in our portfolio.  We are excited beyond belief of providing glamour and fashion photography to our area and beyond.  We thank everyone that has sent messages on facebook, emailed, called and contacted us through our website to be considered for the photoshoots.  If you were not chosen, understand we could only take three or four along with our fantastic 4K High School Reps for the shoots.  We are trying to cover as much demographics as possible.  We will offer everyone that has shown interest and returned their information with a significant discount because they offered to help.

Thanks for reading and again, we are super excited to be offering this service to our area and beyond.  Glamour is our passion.  Making you look glamorous is our business.

Craig & Tammy

disclaimer- The images in this post were not taken by 4K.  They were taken by two very talented artists we highly respect and learn from daily.  Craig Lamere and Sue Bryce

Glamour-Senior-Wedding Specialists—It’s What We Love To Do!!

4K is proud to announce that we will be limiting out services to the following big three!!  They all go together perfectly to fit our style of photography and they just happen to be our 3 most requested genre’s.  That is great news because we LOVE TO SHOOT ALL THREE.  I guess it shows!! 

Click the image below to take a look as we will be restructuring our websites within the next few days including a brand new pricing structure you will love.  So start paying attention to our blogs to see the changes as they happen!! 

For now, if you are engaged, a junior or senior in high school or would love to give your partner some amazing glamour images of yourself, visit our site and just drop us a note from contact page to let us know your watching the changes as they happen.  We love to do styled shoots, where we plan the shoot out and choreograph the shoot with you on a personal level so we have the perfect plan when the day comes. 

Here we go!!  CLICK BELOW


Hannah Senior 2014

Hannah rocked her first senior session (second coming soon).  She is a 2014 Junior at Wortham High and is an incredible young lady that we adore.  Thank you Hannah for letting us be a part of your Junior/Senior years.

Click the picture below to see her whole session.


Melissa Senior 2013

Melissa did an amazing job on her senior portrait session.  She is such an amazing young lady that we have been fortunate enough to get to know very well over the last few years.  We did this shoot in Stewards Mills at the historical store and the amazing church beside it.  With Melissa and the Lopez family being a devout Christian, she suggested a few from the church and they they are very touching.  To view more of Melissa’s session, click on the image below to view the entire set. 

A special thanks to Melissa and her special family for allowing Tammy and I to be a part of the last few years of your high school journey.